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  • Jonas Norström

    “I see myself as a conductor in an orchestra.
    My work should lead to the orchestra playing as well as possible.”

  • Alexander Abraham

    “I like collaborating with others while I help them achieve higher goals.
    I think that’s important for being a good consultant.”

  • Titti Olsson

    “My energy comes from others being with me on the train.
    I find it easy to jump straight in and understand here and now.”

  • Roger Edin

    “I like to bring other people forward, create job satisfaction and energy.
    I have no need to stand in the middle.”

  • Stina Berggren

    “I work at all levels, from the receptionist to the board,
    and often make several parallel changes at once.”

  • Olle Jansson

    “I like working with people.
    As a change leader, you have to be both proactive and humble.”

  • Dan Sone

    “I’m driven by finding opportunities for improvement.
    I make sure that everyone understands the importance of their part in the change.”

  • Sven-Erik Andersson

    “I help our customers improve business processes.
    All the way from planning to measuring results.”

  • Peter Alfvegren

    “I am driven by innovation, change and fresh thinking.
    I see the whole picture and make changes happen.”

  • Roland Sannicolo

    “The complex change with processes, information, systems and not least people,
    is what creates desire and drives me!”

  • Claes Östman

    “My strong point is to look beyond the problems – the causes.
    It is only when you take the time to think about the causes that you can solve the problems.”

To drive business and business development for customers who want to be at the forefront. Corporate challenges are the essence of our offer and guide the development of our cabilities.

Claes Östman


We are a company with extensive experience

Anchor Management Consulting has been around since 2007. The company consists of senior consultants with an average of 25 years of experience from varying roles in working life. This means that we are a relatively young company with a very deep competence in the areas in which we operate.

Malmö office

Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, Malmö
+46 8 698 09 00
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Helsingborg office

Henckels torg 4, Helsingborg
+46 8 698 09 00
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New perspectives

Let us make you get a new perspective
+46 8 698 09 00
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Together, we become stronger through our partners

We are good at a lot, but not everything. To make even better deliveries, we have skilled partners that we work with.

Our networks help us help you

Our networks and interest groups help us broaden our views and networks of contacts. Here we often find our customers – companies that are in need of profitable growth and successful changes.

Epista Life Science

Epista are our experts on the regulations surrounding Life Science
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2c8 is our favorite tool for business modeling
Read more about 2c8

HRM Affärsutveckling

Our partner in Human Resource Management
Read more about HRM Affärsutveckling


Anchor will be located in several locations in Europe and consist of over 100 consultants. We shall be recognized and respected by our customers and competitors.


We are striving for development that meets today’s needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs.

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