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It is based on business benefits. It's visual. It gives you the knowledge to make decisions!

Dan Sone

Anchor Management Consulting

Customer Segments

Working with the customers’ view towards the organization creates a focus on how customer relations and delivery channels are designed and managed. A segmentation of customers provides accurate and effective synergies for the organization.

Value Proposition

By visualizing, clarifying and identifying value offerings, we increase your competitiveness. Value Propositions are the basis for the product portfolio and provide important input to your development work on customer centric products and services.

Revenue Streams

When the company gets a better understanding of the customers’ needs, it is usually possible to adjust the value offers so that one can take more paid, and find unsatisfied needs that create additional sales. The result: both more revenue and better profitability.

Change Management

We specialize in leading and running change projects in organizations and taking responsibility all the way until the result is reached. BMG gives us the perfect tool.


Defined delivery methods per value offer. Digitized interface. Effective routes towards customer.

BMG renders new perspectives

Often, the solutions and opportunities already exist in the organization, but it can be difficult to detect them. We see the relationships and can give new perspectives on old phenomena. It leads to new business opportunities or methods that streamline, or even revolutionize, your business.

Experience speaks its clear language

It is a challenge to get an overall picture of an organization moving forward. After over 20 years of customer projects where we developed different methods to clarify business models, our choice is Business Model Generation – the best method that exists, if you ask us! It clarifies the deal, while it ties it together with all the company’s key activities. This image provides a fantastic starting point for working with corporate growth and a platform for change.

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