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Meet Carl Wallin

3 July, 2018

Anchor Management

Hi Carl, nice to have you here! Tell us about your background.

– Thank you. It is nice to be here. I am originally a business major from the University of Lund. I have had several different roles throughout my career, for instance sales and marketing director and management consultant. Most of the time, I have been in the manufacturing and process industries. For a large portion of my career, I have worked internationally. Today, I’m counting 18 years abroad, says Carl.

If I would ask you about problems and opportunities for customers, what do think about?

– Many corporations I have worked with have a lack of customer focus and customer understanding. Decisions are made without having the customer in focus. This becomes more and more difficult over time. For instance, because of increased international competition and accelerating digitalization. I see great opportunities in helping customers with customer focused value propositions, Carl says.

You have your base in the Malmö region. What exciting things happen there?

– In my region, we see tremendous growth in business. We see several headquarters being established in the area, for instance in the area of Life Science. I also see strong collaboration between corporations, the City of Malmö and the universities. Says Carl, In short, a great deal is being developed in Malmö. That is of course very positive!

You have worked in the Manufacturing industry. What are they facing near term, as you see it?

– The challenge is to utilize the opportunities that digitalization gives. That means tough requirements on increased competitiveness. There are a great deal of business opportunities around digitalization.

– Let me exemplify that. – Many traditional industries produce a plethora of data. To utilize this data to develop new services is an opportunity that arises in an increasing number of industries. Of course, certain corporations and organizations are farther ahead. But I suggest that many others are next in line.

– This puts requirements on business processes and systems. As management consultants, we see this. The opportunity needs to be identified, and after that, the opportunities need to be commercialized to achieve customer benefit.

Could you describe your interest in these issues, Carl?

– Everything I have worked with in my entire professional career is to satisfy customers, thereby getting corporations to grow, be healthy, and make money. I have a passion for improvements and to see them materialize. In many cases, my job is about supporting management transferring resources from the traditional business to what we can call the new business.

Give us a tip on a good book that you are reading.

– I am currently reading Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck. It is about developing a learning mindset for lifelong learning and for counteracting adversities. Simply put, there are always opportunities to develop. It is a great book, which I highly recommend.

Carl will strengthen our business development and sales strategy offerings. We at Anchor are very happy that Carl is part of our team, and that he will help us building ore business in Malmö and Ørestad, and simultaneously make all of us better!