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Successful changes.

We help our clients to transform challenges to successful changes.

Life science, CleanTech and GreenTech are close to our hearts.

Life Science, CleanTech, and GreenTech are particularly close to our hearts. Many of their subsectors, such as Medtech and various areas within renewable energy, hold a special place for us. Several of our clients have emerged from research, taking their first steps from R&D companies to commercial entities, and some are also on the path toward IPOs or experiencing rapid growth. This journey often requires assistance with establishing business strategy, operational efficiency, and digital transformation to support fast-paced growth and meet increasing market demands, whether for the stock market or product establishment in, for instance, the USA. This is something we excel at, which is why these sectors have become a significant part of our turnover, although we also cater to clients in numerous other industries. Many growth challenges are alike – removing obstacles or alleviating growing pains is our specialty.

Strategy development

Many people know why they need to make a change, but they often don’t know what to change or how to go about it. We’ll help you develop and implement a strategy that is well rooted in the organization and creates value for the company.

Business development

By visualizing, clarifying and identifying business opportunities, we increase your competitiveness. Based on the business potential, we open up new markets and enable new revenue streams.

Organizational development

An organization with an efficient business process is also an efficient organization. Our focus is on helping you to establish, improve, and otherwise refine the organization’s internal business processes. At Anchor Management Consulting we are specialists in analyzing organizations and coming up with solutions.

Change management

We specialize in leading and managing change projects in organizations, systems, information and processes, and take responsibility all the way until the result is reached. We ensure business improvement.

Analysis and advice

Every successful project is based on a sharp analysis, and sound advice along the way. We develop business decision data to improve understanding of problems and solutions, thus facilitating management decisions.

New perspectives – connecting the dots

Often there are already solutions and opportunities in the organization, but it can be difficult to detect them. We see the connections, and can provide new perspectives on old phenomena. This leads to new business opportunities or practices that streamline, or even revolutionize, your business.

Business Model Generation är vårt verktyg för strategi- och affärsutveckling.

Business Model Generation is our tool for strategy and business development

  • A coordinated and complete picture of the company and its various responsibilities
  • A defined business model and strategies for desired business models
  • A common language and framework between colleagues and functions
  • A description of dependencies in the way to the customers
  • A tool that can transform business plans into business processes
We have not invented the Business Model Generation ourselves, there are 500 people who put in 4000 hours to develop the method and write the book. It was good enough.

Anchor Insight is our tool for digital transformation.

Most companies have too many initiatives on the agenda and it is almost impossible to get an overall picture of how the initiatives overlap and affect operations and IT. With Anchor Insight, we visualize your company’s project, organization, processes, information and system so that you see how everything is connected and can make fact-based decisions in the company’s digital transformation journey.

  • A method for visually analyzing and coordinating digitization needs, initiatives and IT support
  • The ability to digitize the business based on a holistic view instead of silo thinking
  • A powerful tool for documenting, visualizing and analyzing the business
After over 20 years of customer projects where we used various more or less successful methods to visualize organization, processes, information and system connections, we could not wait any longer. The result was Anchor Insight.