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Anchor Management Consulting help companies become successful

Most of our customers have challenges in their digital transformation. We know what is critical to do to achieve the goals. Then we make sure it happens for real.

We work with change in businesses every day.

We know the pitfalls and how to avoid them in order to have a successful change. Whether it’s to realize a new business strategy or to implement IT systems. We see opportunities along the way that can lead to new business, more efficient working methods, lower costs or increased revenues. We have packaged our core abilities and experiences as offers to you:

Offer 1: Quick Assessment

“We call it Quick assessment. Within few weeks, we will develop the “way forward” based on your business goals and starting point. We identify your main challenges and create a realistic action plan.  Challenges could be anything from removing obstacles for grow, CSRD, new ERP, BI or AI or other digitalization needs.  Then we make sure it happens for real, but that’s the next step!”

Offer 2: CIO Office

“For digital transformation, we help you build a business-driven and efficient CIO function with full control of development and daily operation. We design the organization, staff the CIO role, recruit, train and hand over an effective CIO function.”

Offer 3: Anchor Insight

“With Anchor Insight, we visualize your business’s organization, processes, information and systems. You can see how everything is connected and can make fact-based decisions on the company’s journey of change. We stand for method, tools and implementation – you stand for the knowledge of your company.”

Offer 4: ERP Search and Select

“Many organization barely know what an ERP system is, let alone what is needed to enter into an efficient digitized operation, production and logistics. We help you formulate the requirements, to contact and manage the appropriate suppliers and finally choose and implement the right system. This with your company’s needs, schedule, finances and future plans in focus.”

How can Anchor Management Consulting help you?

We like to solve problems. We'd love to hear how we can help you.

We have satisfied customers.

“Best IT Management Consulting firm I ever worked with – delivering excellent results and most professional people to work with!”

Sabine Bois, CEO

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“Anchor challenged us to see the bigger picture. Claes helped us in the steering committee to understand how the work should be carried out and guided the project to its completion.”

Jimmy Renström, CIO

“We had a great need to upgrade ERP systems and IT system support because our organization grew rapidly and we did not have time to get an overview. – We engaged Anchor Management Consulting to analyze our needs, propose smart solutions and then implement these solutions together with us. – Anchor’s consultants have worked hard with us employees throughout the process to get everything in place. – A really professional team with many and complementary competences in both organizational development and IT strategy. – They really made a difference to us!”

Eva Nordström, COO

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“– We wanted help with the introduction of a new ERP system so that the project remained within timeframes and budget. – I enjoyed Anchor Management Consulting’s experienced consultants and their pragmatic approach with a focus on essentials. – Working with Anchor went smoothly and easily and we are very pleased with the result.”

Fredrik Groth, CFO

“– We want to get a better grip if there were advantages to in- source our customer service. – We therefore commissioned a feasibility study by Anchor Management Consulting to structure the pros and cons. – Since we have positive experiences of how Anchor works and their knowledge of SRS, it was natural that we turned to them again. – For me, Anchor and their rapid start-up are a great value. – We wanted to get a quick grip on the situation – and we got that!”

Magnus Cederholm, CIO

“Anchor Management Consulting has carried out a project audit on one of our projects with proposals of measures for a successful implementation. The assignment was carried out with solid experience in the field and understanding of the problems that may arise in projects. Rapid start-up and rapid implementation.”

Petra Janetzky-Book, Stabschef

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