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Deeper understanding of customer needs in B2B ensures short development cycles and fast roll-out by the sales organisation

4 March, 2015

A relevant example that supports my own experience that companies may increase their revenues without sacrificing profitability, is attached below.
By proper use of customer segmentation through identification, selection, and focus on profitable customer segments, companies are in a better position to develop products and services that genuinely satisfy customer needs. Moreover, this allows for optimization and selection of pricing, channels, promotion, and sales support to create a more distinct customer offering, resulting in high target group penetration.

The HBR article states that marketing-science approaches are commonly used in for-profit companies. This is true, but in my opinion this description mainly applies to companies addressing the consumer market. In my experience, there is still potential in B2B environments to further develop understanding of true customer needs, and to utilize these insights for development of competitive solutions consisting of integrated products and services. Success-stories will be created by companies that manage to build a knowledge platform about customer needs that are broadly communicated and understood within their respective organizations. This is essential to create short development cycles for new business models and innovative offerings. This platform, in combination with short time to market, also allows for fast roll-out by the sales organisation.