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ERP project of the year

28 April, 2016

Our customer, the pharmaceutical research company Medivir, has won the award for the ERP project of the year 2015 for the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA. The announcement was made at Forum4IT in Gothenburg on May 3. The project went live on schedule and on budget, despite the tough requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Medivir and Implema were selected as winners of the ERP project of the year award 2015 in tough competition. The project has fulfilled all criteria for the competition: a clear business case, a contract including clear delivery specification, a professional project model, and realized business effects after commissioning. Everything according to specified time plan and budget. The project involved around 20 people, and impacted the entire organization.

This is the first time SAP S/4 Hana is implemented in Sweden. Roland Sannicolo from Anchor Management Consulting was the project manager:

– Obviously, structures, methods, and certain preconditions must be in place in such a complex project. But at the end of the day, it is the people who do the work. This was team work from start to finish. Everyone had the ambition and will to do whatever it took to make the project successful.

– Our biggest challenge was to manage the tough regulatory requirements. In the pharmaceutical industry, everything must be documented and traceability is mandatory. The work load was hard on the project members, who concurrently also had to manage their ordinary line job, says Roland Sannicolo

– In general terms, change projects are about creating something new and doing things differently. Oftentimes, this requires competencies that may not exist in the organization. In order to encourage people to create change and be dedicated, incentives are needed. What drives people can be different, and if the leadership does not realize this, the project can get off track from the very start. When there is a will, you can go far, says Roland Sannicolo.

– It is obvious to an external consultant whether the staff’s attitude to the project execution is positive, and whether they look forward to it. That is what it felt like at Medivir, concludes Roland Sannicolo.


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