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Some Gazelles run fast….

20 January, 2015

In recent time, Apoex has appeared several times in the media and others have recognized them as a new, competitive actor/supplier. The Berlips brother’s achievement, the Swedish market "gazelle success" Apoex, is not surprising to me. The remarkable thing is that we haven’t seen movements like this in the healthcare sector until now.
The brothers’ cross-functional skills cannot be the only answer to their success. This opportunity has been created by years of inactivity by the older and existing suppliers/distributors and IT service providers in the health care sector, and an unwillingness to leave their comfort zone. In addition, care givers have not developed appropriate competence in purchasing and requirements definition. Now, the sector is exposed to high demographic pressure and a simultaneous starvation of services. The health care sector is mobilizing for an increasingly older population and needs to increase/change their requirements on suppliers in terms of quality and efficiency. For suppliers, there is a risk to lose the game unless quick adjustments of offerings and business models take place.

Those who don’t adapt will be overtaken by competitors like “Apoex gazelle”, and they will quickly be forgotten. In my opinion, adaption is vital for survival! The health care sector needs it. It’s time!